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US Plan To Reform Asylum, Reunite Families, Reflects ‘Authentic Humanitarian Values’

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has said it is
“heartened” by the United States’ president’s
signing of executive orders on Tuesday which aim to provide
safety and solutions for those seeking asylum, on the
grounds that they need protection from violence and
persecution at home.

UNHCR welcomed President
Joe Biden’s plan to create a task force to locate and
reunite separated families along the country’s southern
border, saying that it reflects “authentic humanitarian

“These steps confirm an American
tradition of compassion for the vulnerable and are an
important signal for all countries in formulating responses
that are at once humane and secure”, said
Matthew Reynolds, UNHCR’s representative to the United
States and the Caribbean.

UNHCR also said that the
move reaffirmed “US leadership amid global levels of
forced displacement unseen since World War

‘Untenable’ life at home

“No one
wants to be forced to leave their own homeland”, attested
Mr. Reynolds. “But it is clear that desperate people
fleeing violence in the North of Central America are not
deterred by harsh enforcement policies because life back
home is simply untenable”.

Mr. Biden has reportedly
pledged to work with other governments and organizations to
build regional asylum capacity, strengthen refugee resettlementand
address the root causes of violence and instability that
continue to force people fleeing from parts of Central

“The steps announced by the United
States confirm the importance of efficient, humane asylum
systems and of coordinated action by all governments to
create conditions that will prevent families from having to
flee their homes in the first place”, said Mr.

Stark reversals

The new US president
has taken prompt action to reverse his predecessor’s
stance on immigration, according to news reports, ending the
construction of a planned border wall between the US and
Mexico, the travel ban on some majority-Muslim nations, and
major cuts to refugee resettlement.

President Biden
has also introduced a roadmap to citizenship for
undocumented workers living in the US.

UNHCR, which
operates in 130 countries and has 70 years of operational
experience, said it was ready to “support the US
Government in ensuring that people in need of international
protection – including refugees, asylum seekers and
stateless persons – are able to find it promptly and

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