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Truth The Casualty Of Politics As UNESCO Great Barrier Reef Decision Flouts Reality

SYDNEY, July 23 2021 – UNESCO’s
failure to officially declare the Great Barrier Reef “in
danger” is a missed opportunity to shine a light on the
Australian Government’s neglect of a natural wonder that
remains at great risk due to the impacts of climate change,
according to Greenpeace.

The highly-anticipated
announcement was made late on Friday evening following a
UNESCO warning last month that the long-term outlook for the
Reef had further deteriorated “from poor to very

Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter
said the Morrison government had abandoned its obligations
to protect the Reef.

“Under the UNESCO treaty, the
Australian government promised the world it would do its
utmost to protect the Reef – instead it has done its utmost
to hide the truth,” he said.

“This is a victory
for one of the most cynical lobbying efforts in recent

“This is not an achievement – it is a day
of infamy for the Australian government.”

the International Union for Conservation of Nature stating
that the Reef “unambiguously” met the criteria to be
declared a World Heritage site in danger, Australia’s
lobbying efforts were successful and a majority of UNESCO
committee members did not support the

“Imagine if the Australian Government put
as much effort, time and money into protecting our natural
wonders like the Great Barrier Reef through climate action,
rather than playing politics and refusing to take action,”
he said.

“Climate change is the number one threat to
the Great Barrier Reef – and the Australian government has
no credible plan for cutting emissions, no climate target
and continues to promote and subsidise the mining and
burning of coal, oil and gas that are the number one drivers
of global warming”.

“Jetsetting around the world,
at great expense to taxpayers, to block a decision that
would demand climate action is a slap in the face to all
Australians who love and care about our beautiful

“In order to do its bit to give the Reef
the fighting chance it deserves, the Australian Government
must come up with a plan to replace all coal burning power
stations with clean and safe renewables energy by 2030 and
commit to net-zero by

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