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‘Toyota 80th Anniversary’ Phishing Scam in Fiji

Consumers are being warned not to participate in
lotteries and surveys from unsolicited and unofficial
individuals and phoney companies when using social media and
other online platforms. The warning comes after a new online
phishing scam is being widely circulated on social media
such as Facebook and Messenger which is alluring consumers
to participate in a questionnaire survey in order to get
into a draw to win a brand-new Toyota Corolla.

link which is currently being circulated among Fijians
states “Congratulations! Toyota 80th Anniversary
Celebration! Through the questionnaire, you will have a
chance to get a Toyota Corolla.” The link urges consumers
to answer a quick questionnaire after which it captures the
user’s IP address. The page also displays fake comments
which are prominently positive. Some of the comments
include: “I thought it was a joke, but it arrived this
morning!” and “I participated, I won and I received
after 5 days. Thank you so much guys!”

The Council
Chief Executive Officer, Ms Seema Shandil says that scams
like these are not new to Fiji’s shores and are especially
prevalent in times crises.

“Two months ago, we had
seen a similar Viber scam claiming that a smartphone user
has won a hefty amount of cash, and no doubt this is just
another round of a phishing scam where whoever is on the
other side of your device is just waiting for you to click
on this attractive looking link. Once the consumer clicks on
the link in hopes to win a car, and fills in the
questionnaire along with his/her personal details, the
scammer will then have access to your IP address which puts
people’s personal information at risk of being stolen,”
stated Ms Shandil.

ASCO Motors Fiji Financial
Controller and Company Secretary Mr Ronald Kumar has also
clarified that no such promotion is being run by Toyota and
has stressed that Fijians must refrain from participating in

“There is no campaign and promotion as such on
social media. There is also global news around scams using
names of reputable brands, such as Toyota, to launch
phishing attacks. We are asking the general public to please
refrain from doing things requested through unofficial
social media channels,” Mr Kumar said.

Mr Kumar
further added that if there is any promotion which is to be
run by Asco Motors Fiji or Toyota itself, they would
announce it through official channels/sources, which would
be their official social media channels, authorised
distributors and official media partners.

The Council
is urging Fijian consumers who come across such scams to
refrain from indulging in it and alert their friends,
families and other social media users about such online
frauds. They must also refrain from sharing such

Meanwhile, the Council thanks all those who
have been flagging such matters to the Council, in efforts
to create a safer digital space for Fijians who have access
to social media

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