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Six Members Of The Swiss National Council Urge UAE To Review Law 7

Six members of the National Council of Switzerland have
signed a petition launched by the Geneva-based Euro-Med
Monitor calling on the Government of the United Arab
Emirates (UAE) to abide by its own demostic and
international obligations and review and reconsider Law No.
7, which allows the authorities to hold detainees for
extended periods of time after their official

The petition noted that the UN Special
Rapporteurs on the promotion and protection of human rights
and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism; Working
Group on Arbitrary Detention; Special Rapporteur on the
promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion
and expression; Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom
of peaceful assembly and of association and Special
Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders
”have called to review this counter-terrorism law in a letter
directed to the UAE government on 13 November,

”As of now, 13 UAE nationals are held in
counseling centers that are used to indefinitely detain
prisoners beyond their sentences. This practically allows
the UAE government to detain its nationals indefinitely.
This law has been used against human rights defenders in the
country, in an attempt to muffle their voices that call for
reforms and political change,” the petition signed by the
six members noted.

The petition called on the UAE to
reconsider Law No. 7, which allows holding detainees for
extended periods of time; and allow people to be able to
have more freedoms, especailly freedom of opinion and
expression, urging the authorities to release all nationals
held after the end of their sentance and end its policy of
detaining those who call for reforms.

The Members of
the National Council called on the Swiss Government to use
its channels of communications to pressure the UAE to
introduce reforms to Law No. 7 and to allow more freedoms in
the country, especailly in relation to freedom of expression
and opinion and to make sure that the deals it has with the
UAE don’t result in human rights violations, especially in
relation to freedom of expression and opinion.
Prezioso, Member of the Swiss National Council sent a
special statement to the Euro-Med Monitor on the issue

I would like to bring my full support to
all human right defenders in the UAE and all political
prisoners facing repression and imprisonment. This is
without forgetting as well my full solidarity with labor
migrants in the UAE, who are denied any political, social
and civil rights. Migrant workers remained tied to employers
to the system of kafala (sponsorship), making them
vulnerable to labour abuses and exploitation. It’s a near
modern system of slavery.

The UAE authorities,
particularly the State Security Agency (SSA), have committed
continuous violations of Human Rights ainst, including
arbitrary arrests, tortur and frocable disappearance. The
authorities also restricted freedom of expression,
imprisoning government critics and holding them in harsh

The UAE also continues to co-lead the
coalition in the armed conflict in Yemen, a coalition that
is implicated in war crimes and other serious violations of
international law.

The UAE must be condemned
for these multiple violations of Human


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