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Rotary’s Response To Fiji’s Covid Crisis

Rotary New Zealand World Community Service continues to
support the people of Fiji during their Covid Crisis,
affecting in the main the island of Veti Levu being the most
densely populated. Vulnerable communities most years in Fiji
deal with the aftermath of cyclones and flooding desperately
needing support to rebuild their homes and replace chattels.
Fiji has made great strides in recent years “building back
better” following these events. Covid is different as the
destruction has a greater impact on livelihoods due to loss
of jobs and income as borders are closed to their main
income earner tourism. Health resources are stretched
leaving people in rural areas very little in the way of
support. Large numbers of the most vulnerable often live in
informal settlements and squatter villages. One of
Rotary’s partners in Fiji continues to reach out to those
who have no option but to live in overcrowded accommodation
including dwellings often made from cardboard, wood,
corrugated iron, plastic sheeting and metal from oil drums
etc. with lack of sanitation, clean drinking water and open
sewers. Pollution and disease is not uncommon. A number of
New Zealand based International NGO’s are supporting Fiji
along with Rotary. Rotary’s response is at the grassroots
level directly to identified communities who have not
received support from other agencies. Its website Home Page
lists options as to how New Zealanders can support their
near neighbours in some of their darkest days.

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