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Plant Health Clinic Promoted At Central Province Appointed Day

Farmers and the general public in Tulagi Central Island
Province are privileged to learn about plant health and
diseases affecting plants and crops thanks to the Ministry
of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) in partnership with
Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) for organising
the promotion activity.

The stall promotion on Plant
Health Clinic (PHC) and Disease Awareness was conducted by
officers from MAL together with SPC rep based in Honiara
during Central Province second appointed day held in Tulagi
last month (29th June).

Apart from the plant health
and disease awareness, officers also provided awareness and
disseminate important information’s to farmers on
important agriculture cash crops like kava, melon and other
crop production, and Food security information during the

The event provided an opportunity for officers to
provide advice for farmers struggling to control pest and
disease affecting their plants and root crops as well as
supported them with advice on practical and long-term
management practices to ensure farmers care for their crops
more effectively for increase production, income generating
and promoting nutritional and food security for farmers and

Highlight of the day was a visit to the MAL
stall by the Honourable Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and
his high level delegation.

Senior Field Officer
Patrick Fiasi who was part of the team said his team was
feel honoured to have the PM and his respected delegation
paid a visit to their stall and asked questions concerning
the importance of the PHC program and other programs that
the ministry is undertaking where they (offers) were able to
respond to them.

He said to witness people of such
high calibre show interest to know about PHC and its
benefits to our farmers is encouraging.

Mr. Fiasi also
took the opportunity to highlight to the PM and his
delegation the services that the Extension department is
providing to the rural farmers and the many challenges that
it usually face in its service provision.

“The PHC
and awareness attracted a lot of farmers and people during
the day as they visited the stall to learn about the
importance of PHC and collect informational materials
(brochures) on pests and diseases as well as access
agricultural production information’s. The event was a
success,” Mr. Fiasi said.

Plant Health Clinic’s
(PHC’s) are currently delivered through the MAL extension

Plant Health Clinic (PHC) is a meeting place
where local agricultural advisory officers, called Plant
Doctors, come together to support farmers struggling with
plant pests and diseases by providing diagnoses and
management advices.

Australian government is the major
funder towards Plant Health Clinic programmes through its
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
(ACIAR) in collaboration with commissioned organisation SPC
to train Plant Health Doctors which include MAL Extension
officers, Research, Biosecurity and SPC PHC assistant
officer based in Honiara under its ACIAR HORT/2016/185
funded project in partnership with MAL to carryout PHC
trainings for farmers in the country in response to emerging
pest and disease threats to horticulture across the pacific

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