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Passing Of Prince Philip: Emeritus President Of WWF-International And An Important Figure In The Carpathian Convention

express our deep regret for the passing of His Royal
Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Emeritus President of the
WWF-International. Prince Philip’s efforts on behalf of WWF
were vital – visiting WWF projects in over fifty countries
on five continents, promoting conservation issues at the
highest government and corporate levels, and contributing to
fundraising and awareness campaigns. 

Today, as
we continue our work to globally protect and restore nature
in a moment of unprecedented climate change, nature loss and
wildlife decline, we thank Prince Philip for his tireless
passion and vision. The impact he created will continue to
guide us in our work for humans and the planet in the coming

“Prince Philip played an important role in
our region, chairing with the Romanian President, the Green
Light for Europe Conference on the future of the environment
and sustainable development in the Danube-Carpathian region
held in Bucharest in 2001. The conference was organised by
the WWF International Danube-Carpathian Programme (the
forerunner of WWF Central and Eastern Europe, WWF-CEE) in
cooperation with the Romanian Government. The summit brought
together 18 heads of state from the broader region and led,
among other things, to the establishment of the Convention
for the Protection and Sustainable Development of the
Carpathian Mountains
(CarpathianConvention).” –
Andreas Beckmann, Regional CEO, WWF Central and Eastern

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