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Pacifica Radio Network Needs A New Day

By: Patricia Hoffman, Evelia Jones, Ali Lexa, Sheila
McCoy, Nancy Niparko, Myla Reson, Will Ryan, Mansoor
Sabbagh, and Harvey Wasserman

Ballots to
restructure along professional/democratic lines from the New Day Pacifica
movement began being distributed June 7, 2021.

If the
Pacifica Network does not remake itself into something
workable, its relevance and survival are

With its treasured history and powerful
broadcast signals in America’s biggest media markets, the
Pacifica Network should be a core electronic flagship for
America’s vital pro-democracy


  • FOE Pacifica has
    chased away all but a tiny, tenuous audience;
  • It’s
    in a deep financial abyss;
  • Its management, and many
    of its most crucial meetings, are profoundly
  • Its recent KPFK-Los Angeles
    fundraiser was a major disaster, portending even deeper
  • For years FOE Pacifica has failed to
    produce a passable audit, costing the network
  • FOE Pacifica has no effective social
    networking presence.
  • With notable exceptions,
    whatever meaningful, consistent content it can claim is thin
    and insecure;
  • Its political effectiveness is
    virtually non-existent;
  • It’s undermining its most
    popular broadcasters and vital staff, including Ian Masters,
    Sonali Kolhatkar, Roy of Hollywood and KPFK’s
    irreplaceable Jonathan Alexander;
  • It pays a partisan
    lawyer who uses vicious personal attacks to sabotage
    internal reform;
  • It uses autocratic corporate
    austerity to slash vital infrastructure, threatening daily
  • The current Pacifica structure is
    unreformed since 2000; many original drafters want it
  • KPFA-Berkeley’s elected board has voted
    (13-Yes 8-No) to adopt the New Day Pacifica by-laws, as has
    a majority (11-9) of the KPFT (Houston)
  • Pacifica has burned through 17 national
    Executive Directors (Interim & Permanent) in 18 years
    which has brought extreme instability–negating both
    long-term planning and short-term
  • KPFK-Los Angeles has burned through
    station managers almost as fast as the network has gone
    through executive directors.
  • KPFK currently has no
    program director or chief fundraiser and the General Manager
    is an interim placeholder;
  • FOE Pacifica does not
    have a national program director, development director or
    social media coordinator;
  • Infamously dysfunctional
    National and Local board meetings run 3-5 hours of
    excruciating rancor, accomplishing nothing;
  • One FOE
    board member’s physical assaults and threats of a militia
    attack forced a toxic 3-hour/20-person censure meeting and
    prompted a pivotal KPFK staff mainstay (who has since quit)
    to advocate coming to the station armed for
  • KPFK’s fiscal crisis makes shutdowns
    possible, killing the station’s severely compromised
  • FOE Pacifica equates dysfunctional
    chaos with “democracy,” insulting both the term and the
    lost listenership;
  • FOE Pacifica’s defenders
    slander life-long social democracy activists as
    “corporate” and “Trump supporters” while gutting the
    network, increasing the possibility of a forced asset
  • New Day Pacifica has proposed a functional
    democracy merging competent, professional broadcasting with
    community-based programming and
  • Without a new management/governance
    structure, this irreplaceable network may soon disappear.
    Starting June 7, please vote to bring Pacifica a New
    Day….or prepare for it to fade off into the

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