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New Survey Points To Need To Speed Up Vaccine Rollout

PWDA chief executive
officer Sebastian Zagarella has acknowledged that while
people with disability were left out of the Australian
Government’s initial response to the COVID pandemic a new
survey from the organisation points to a way

Mr Zagarella said it was now time
for the Australian Government to prioritise the rollout of
the COVID-19 vaccine to people with disability, so we are no
longer left behind in the national response to the

Advisory Committee for the
COVID-19 Response for People with Disability member PWDA
appreciates the Federal Government’s openness to
engagement with our sector and its acknowledgement of the
central role that disability advocacy plays in responding to
the threat of COVID-19.

We are therefore
keen to continue work closely with the federal advisory
committee and are recommending an 11-point plan (see below)
to the Australian Government today at a roundtable being
held today.

Mr Zagarella said the Australian
Government, like all states and territories, must speed up
its vaccine rollout for people with disability, our support
workers, other supporters and informal

“Speeding up vaccine rollout has
to be a priority for the federal government and the states
and territories as they are leaving behind people with
disability as they slowly roll out COVID-19 vaccines,” Mr
Zagarella said.

“We need all levels of
government to work together so disabled people get
prioritised and can access COVID jabs. People in our
community include Australian residents who are really at
risk of getting ill from the

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