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Livestock Team Assesses National Piggery Project Site In Gizo

A delegation from the Livestock and Veterinary Services
Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
(MAL) has successfully ended an assessment and
implementation planning tour to the National Piggery (Pig
Breeding) project proposed site at Mile six in Gizo, Western
Province on 1st June 2021.

Led by the Deputy Director
of Livestock, Hearley Atupule, the team comprised of MAL
Chief Field Officer for Western Province Sipuru Rove,
livestock officers, senior field officers, and field

“The purpose of the tour is to assess the
farm site and plan implementation with provincial
coordinating team in order to guide the development of the
National Piggery project which was approved by the
government in the 2021 development budget,” Mr. Atupule

He said it was a successful tour and one that
would assist the ministry in its planning with the
information now available to start developing the

Mr. Atupule added that priorities now is to
clear the area, acquired an architectural building plan, put
out tender for construction of the building and procured
essential assets for the project.

The team also
visited the current provincial piggery house which was on
progress construction for expansion.

An estimated
amount of $2,000,000 was allocated by the national
government towards the establishment and equipping of the
National Piggery project in this year’s development

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