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Kablamo Geo-spatial Hire Expands Spatial Solutions Technology Expertise

Kablamo, the data management and digital product
development specialist, has hired Andrew McDowell as its
first geo-spatial technology lead. Andrew was previously at
Propeller Aero where he led the development of Propeller’s
highly successful geo-spatial mapping tool.

McDowell is joining
Kablamo as it focuses on unlocking spatial data
opportunities in gaps that have significant social impact
such as deforestation, reef degradation and urban density.
One of Kablamo’s key focuses is to support its bushfire
technology development work which the company launched in
the wake of the devastating bushfires in 2019 and

“We believe that many opportunities to apply
geo-spatial technology to many pressing problems have fallen
into the space between government and the private sector.
Andy is a key hire to help us address these opportunities
and make a difference,” said Angus Dorney, co-CEO of

“As a team, we were moved by the urgency of
the bushfires. We committed to doing what we could to help
in the fight. So we applied our specialties in AI, Cloud and
understanding user journeys and did a lot of listening to
firefighting organisations across Australia,” Allan
Waddell, Kablamo co-CEO and founder said. “There’s
plenty of buzz and urgency. But what became clear was that
technology will only work if it delivers what the people on
the frontline actually need. A very clear part of this need
is understanding fires as they happen in real time as
comprehensively as possible.”

The result was
building a platform that could support technologies present
and future, handle massive amounts of data in real-time and
deliver visibility to support firefighting

As interest in the platform and Kablamo’s
firefighting offering accelerated, Dorney said it became
clear that Kablamo needed to add geo-spatial expertise to
the team and the expertise needed to be grounded in a strong
UX background both for the bushfire response and many other
significant geospatial opportunities.

“Andy matched
what we were looking for. He has pioneered the latest
technical advancements in the space, and also understands
how important it is to integrate technology into an amazing
user experience,” Dorney said.

“We’re going to
turn up the volume on mapping, 3D experiences, virtual
reality and gamification. I’m excited to be joining
Kablamo at this critical point where we will be pushing maps
beyond traditional bounds to understand data in new ways.
I’m also getting to work with some old colleagues who are
top-shelf talent,” McDowell said.

“With the
firefighting initiative, basically any data that can go on a
map should go on a map. What’s interesting is marrying the
mapping tech with great user experience which will let the
data be truly valuable and actionable,” McDowell

According to McDowell, one key focus was
photogrammetry, interpreting photographs to derive reliable
information about physical objects and their environment
often for use in surveying and mapping. Arguably the future
of firefighting will be about getting mapping in real-time
right. This will inevitably involve all kinds of visual and
non-visual data points to understand and plot fire
intensities, movements and other qualities.

get the attention, but they might not help all that much in
many cases,” McDowell said. “Things like navigating the
latency of data to get the resolution you need to make
decisions —but not too much to impede performance— is
likely more important. It will be about the right kind of
data at the right time.”

Dorney said that he is
looking forward to McDowell applying his knowledge to
Kablamo’s firefighting technology as Kablamo continues to
build the best front-end team and platform to address the

About Kablamo

Kablamo is a leading
Cloud product development and data engineering company, with
a strong software engineering and automation focus. Many of
the engineers at Kablamo developed their skills in the media
industry and the company now applies this digital product
and software development expertise to a broad range of
enterprises. The main areas of expertise include greenfield
cloud application development, video and streaming
applications, content and digital asset management systems
and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Based in
Sydney and Melbourne, Kablamo is an AWS Advanced Consulting
Partner. Learn more

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