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Jeff Bezos Flies To Space Thanks To Backwards And Corrupt Tax System

In response to Jeff Bezos’ scheduled space flight,
Robbie Silverman, Senior Advocacy Manager for Oxfam America
made the following statement:

“Jeff Bezos’
11-minute thrill ride to space is an insult to the millions
of people here on planet Earth who struggle every day to
feed their families and make ends meet. Many of them are the
very Amazon workers who helped make Bezos the richest man in
the world. We can’t forget that our backwards and corrupt
tax system has allowed the same person who pays next to no
federal income tax to blow $7.5 billion on his own private
aerospace company.

“This is truly not rocket
science. While hard working American families pay an average
of 14% income tax each year, Bezos and the other
billionaires in this obscene race to space should be
required to pay their fair share.

“Congress can and
must unrig the rules by increasing the corporate tax rate,
closing loopholes that enable corporations to abuse tax
havens, increasing the capital gains rate for the wealthiest
Americans and raising the marginal tax rate for those
earning more than $400,000—all proposals included in
President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families
Plan. Additionally, introducing a 3% wealth tax would
generate $6 billion in revenue from Bezos’ $200 billion
fortune alone, enough to provide childcare to every child
under 4 in his home state of Washington –440,000

“The real innovation we need is a fair tax
system that would allow desperately needed investments into
well-paying jobs, adequate care for our children, and
efforts to save the planet we all live on from the climate

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