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Giant Painting In São Paulo’s Carnival Calls For People To Be “All For Vaccines”

year, instead of uninterrupted parties, Carnival in the São
Paulo Sambadrome will be marked by the “All for
campaign. More than 80 volunteers from
various Samba schools worked together all night to create a
giant painting of over 10,000 sq. feet with the message
#TodosPelasVacinas (“All For Vaccines”). The art
installation was visited by distinguished representatives
from the Vai-Vai Samba School.

Organized by scientific
communication institutions, such as Team Halo / United
Nations (UN), the COVID-19 Observatory, NPV/USP, Pro-vaccine
Union, among others -, the initiative aims to draw attention
to the importance of vaccination against COVID-19 and that
everyone has access to vaccines, at a time when Brazil’s
famous carnival revelry has been replaced by necessary
sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the new

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