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Futu SG’s New Referral Programme “Share Leh!” Rewards Users For Sharing

FUTU’s latest investment platform goes the extra mile to
make investing easy with a community

Singapore, May
5, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Futu Singapore Pte Ltd (Futu SG),
a wholly-owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd
(Nasdaq:FUTU), has announced the launch of its new “Share
leh!” referral campaign on moomoo, the one-stop investment
platform that aims to further boost the idea of inclusivity
and connectivity within the investing community. The
campaign, which runs from 1 May to 31 May 2021, will provide
benefits to both new and seasoned users.

In line with
the company’s mission to “make investing easier and not
alone”, Futu SG has come up with an enhanced referral
programme where new users and their friends are able to earn
up to 20 Twitter (TWTR) shares*, which have a net worth
doubling more than what was offered during the last campaign
(one was previously able to earn up to S$600 cash coupon).
In addition, users who had opened an account prior to the
campaign can still enjoy benefits from the referral
programme as their list of referrers gets reset back to

Under the “Share leh!” campaign, new users will
now receive 1 free Apple (AAPL) share, along with 180 days
commission-free trading for US, HK & SG markets, free
level 2 market data for US stocks and free level 1 real-time
market data for SGX securities per new account opening with
a minimum deposit of either S$2,700, US$2,000 or HK$16,000
before 1500 hrs on 31 May 2021*.

The key motivation
behind Futu SG’s new campaign is the results from its
previous survey on investing trends amongst Gen Z and
Millennials, which found that many young investors have
developed a greater interest in investing and have begun
taking greater ownership of their finances. As “FOMO” (Fear
of Missing Out) is highly undesired among these
demographics, Futu SG hopes that its campaign would bring
about an engaging social community that promotes a sense of
inclusivity and culture to all users.

As highlighted
by the campaign name, Futu SG hopes to show users how they
will be rewarded by sharing offers, insights, profits
graphs, and investment ideas with their peers. In addition,
moomoo app provides an open forum known as the moo community
which allows its users and clients to share investment
ideas, ask questions and exchange insights through posts and
live-streams. Features available include digital content,
tasks & missions and analytical guides for both new and
seasoned investors. The moo community was created to boost
the idea of making investing “not alone”, and seeks to help
investors enrich their investing knowledge and establish
rapport with other investors. Futu SG hopes that these
initiatives will highlight how investment is never a lonely
journey for users and that they will always have the backing
of moo community.

Since its launch in Singapore in
March, moomoo has met with great success, robust growth
momentum and encouraging user feedback. The platform
currently has more than 13 million users worldwide,
possessing one of the fastest-growing investor communities
in the region which enables users to stay up-to-date with
the latest investment trends.

Further success came at
the Singapore Business Review Awards 2021, winning the
Fintech Award for the launch and creation of

Recognising the importance in having both
user-friendly designs and advanced product features, Futu
designed moomoo with a slick interface which provides wide
product offerings of market accessibility, data options, low
commissions and user fees to reduce friction in accessing
global investable products. moomoo app also includes
AI-driven data screeners and easy-to-analyse trading charts,
facilitating the convenience of trading across multiple
markets with its multi-currency facility.

“We are very
thankful to have received the SBR Award and are confident
that this is a positive sign of the success from our
digitalisation efforts. Since establishing in 2012, we have
always been on a mission to improve the investing experience
of users through product upgrading and have dedicated over
70% of our employees to research and development. We also
recognised that investing should not be a difficult and
lonesome process and have therefore placed great emphasis on
social elements. We believe that our latest campaign of
rewarding users for sharing will show our commitment in
being there for them along every step of the way,” says Leaf
Li, Founder & CEO of Futu.

*Terms and conditions
apply. The full terms and conditions and disclaimer can be
found at
This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary
Authority of Singapore. In Singapore, capital market
products and services on moomoo are offered by Futu
Singapore Pte. Ltd.

About moomoo

moomoo Inc. is
a wholly-owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd, which is an
advanced technology company transforming the investing
experience by offering a fully digitised trading and wealth
management platform. moomoo’s mission is to provide any
level of investors with an intuitive and powerful investing
platform by using technology. We keep improving the
customer’s experience, driving industrial innovation backed
by independent technological research and development
(R&D) capabilities on the whole trading process and our
creative internet operating model. Capital markets products
and services offered on moomoo to persons in Singapore or
jurisdictions where such offers are permitted, are provided
by Futu Singapore Pte Ltd (

Futu Singapore Pte Ltd

Futu Singapore Pte Ltd (
is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd. Futu
Singapore Pte Ltd is a capital markets services licence
holder regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS
Licence No. CMS101000), (

Futu Holdings Ltd

Futu Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: FUTU) is
an advanced technology company transforming the investing
experience by offering a fully digitised trading and wealth
management platform, pursuing a massive opportunity to
facilitate a once-in-a-generation shift in the wealth
management industry, and building a digital gateway into
broader financial services. Futu’s primary services include
trade execution and margin financing, which allows its
clients to trade securities (stocks, warrants, options, and
futures) and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) across different
markets. Futu enhances user experience with market data and
news, research, and powerful analytical tools, providing a
data-rich foundation to simplify the investment
decision-making process. Futu has also embedded social media
tools to create a network centered around its users, and
connectivity between investors, companies, analysts, media
and key opinion leaders, (

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