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Foreign Minister Urged To Act On Current West Papua Crisis

The “West Papua Action Aotearoa” national network of
groups is calling for our Foreign Minister to speak out on
the human rights crisis in West Papua and to cut off all
defence ties with Indonesia.

“Our Foreign Minister
must use her power and raise her voice on behalf of the
Aotearoa people against the military crackdown and the
terrorist designation which threaten the lives and safety of
all indigenous West Papuan people.” Says Catherine
Delahunty, spokesperson for the network.

“At this
critical time, we also call on her to announce a cut-off of
defence ties with Indonesia and the export of all military
goods, weapons and weapons components to Indonesia.* This
move is essential to ensure that Aotearoa is not complicit
in any way in violence in West Papua.”

“She needs
to urgently challenge the designation of resistance groups
in West Papua as terrorist. The broad definition of
terrorism under the counter-terrorism law gives the security
forces wide powers to detain suspects without charge and
hold them for lengthy periods with no trial. Any form of
resistance can now be branded as ‘terrorist’ in a region
where pro-independence sentiment and passive support for
the armed resistance runs deep. Large numbers of troops have
been moved to West Papua and human rights impacts are being
identified by groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty.

A specific example of this kind of misuse of
powers in the last 24 hours is the arrest of Victor Yeimo
International Spokesperson for the KPNB , a peacrful protest
group, for leading anti racism protest in West Papua in 2019

We strongly agree with NanaiaMahuta’s statement
from 21 4 2021 that human rights should be approached ‘in
a consistent county agnostic manner’. If lives are to be
saved the urgent need is for an end to Indonesia’s
militarist approach. We urge the Minister apply her
commitment to human rights by pressing for an immediate halt
to all military operations in West Papua.”

Catherine Delahunty 021 2421967

*We are exporting
military aircraft parts to the Indonesian military and also
export small arms to undisclosed customers in that

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