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Euro-Med Monitor Addresses Europe’s Foreign Ministers Regarding Israel’s Attack On Gaza

Geneva – The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor
called for intervening and ending the violent Israeli
attacks on the Gaza Strip in an urgent letter sent to the
foreign ministers of the European Union countries, the
European Commission and European Parliamentary

In the letter, the Geneva-based Euro-Med
Monitor expressed its deep concern with the ongoing violent
attack on the Gaza Strip, which has led to the death of
dozens of civilians, including women and children. Euro-Med
Monitor called on all parties to work on a comprehensive
treatment of violations, provocations and abuses. That made
the escalation in Gaza and the rest of the Palestinian
territories possible.

Euro-Med Monitor stressed that
the disappointing European position and contentment with
verbal condemnations only, without taking adequate measures
towards grave violations such as settlement activities,
displacement in Jerusalem, provocation of the feelings of
Palestinian worshipers and the continued siege of Gaza has
led to an escalation of the situation on the ground,
threatening a comprehensive explosion and more severe

The Euro-Med Monitor Chairman, Ramy
Abdu, said in the letter to European officials that “the
escalation is part of a repetitive cycle that is too
familiar to observers and human rights organizations. It
always begins with a restoration of an inherently
destabilizing status quo that prioritizes calm and stability
over progress towards ending Israeli violations against

Abdu explained that Israel launched an
unprecedented and violent bombing campaign since the 2014
attack on the Gaza Strip. Today, Israel’s attacks included
high-rise residential towers in the heart of Gaza city,
streets and infrastructure, to collectively punish the

Abdu stated that during the first three
months of 2021, Israel witnessed the least violent period
during the past three decades. There was no rocket-firing
from the blockaded Gaza Strip and virtually no lone wolf
attacks across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.
However, Israel’s government under Benjamin Netanyahu failed
to build on, incentivize or reward this stability and calm
by, for instance, improving Palestinian lives under its
occupation or ceasing violations of their rights. It instead
saw as an opportunity to push the limits and squeeze
Palestinians further into the corner.

Abdu emphasized
that the international community’s silence, including the
indecisive and negatively idle position of the EU and its
member states towards the ICC investigation into war crimes
in the occupied territories, contributed to Israel’s
escalation of its violations of Palestinian rights without

He said that the effects of the negative
stance could be seen in forcing more Palestinians out of
their homes in Sheikh Jarrah; building more settlements in
Givat Hamatos and Har Homa that would effectively render a
two-state solution more impossible; imposing restrictions on
Muslim worshipers access to al-Aqsa mosque in Ramadan and
installing barriers at the Damascus gate; or maintaining
Gaza’s suffocating blockade while the pandemic is ravaging

He stressed that the official Israeli escalation
encouraged the extreme right-wing settlers in Israel to
intensify their racist attacks on the Palestinians, their
farms and properties throughout the West Bank and East
Jerusalem, while the Israeli government did not take any
action to put an end to these increasing attacks.

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor warned that such
acts of deliberate targeting of civilian areas might amount
to war crimes and crimes against humanity. If the
international community does not intervene urgently, more of
these grave crimes will likely be committed in

Euro-Med Monitor stressed that stopping the
escalation is crucial to preventing the loss of innocent
lives and destruction. Still, at the same time, it warns
that it is sufficient to restore the destabilizing situation
that existed and that led to this escalation in the first

Euro-Med Monitor called on the European Union
and its member states to comprehensively address the
violations, provocations and abuses that rendered this
escalation possible. The EU must undertake concrete actions,
including taking a clear position supportive of the ICC
investigation, to deter Israeli violations that otherwise
threaten to exacerbate tensions and increasing the
likelihood of more

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