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CWS Appeals For Indian Families Facing Second Wave Of Covid

Christian World Service is appealing for funds to respond
to the rapidly escalating Covid-19 crisis in

“Our partners are anxious to protect the
communities they work with from infection and hunger in this
second wave. They have asked for urgent funding to deliver
emergency food assistance and hygiene supplies as well as
support community healthcare,” says Pauline McKay,
National Director.

CWS works with five partner
organisations in Tamil Nadu focusing on the long-term
development and justice priorities of Dalit (sometimes
called Untouchables) and Tribal (indigenous)

In the first wave, these local partners
shared good health information with groups including fish
workers, day labourers, forest collectors, and women’s
sangams as well as distributing emergency supplies to
families with no food. They helped thousands of people to
access government entitlements and protect themselves from

The rapid surge in Covid-19 infections is
overwhelming hospitals and the country’s medical system,
denying many people access to treatment. Millions of people
are at risk of infection and possible death. The official
death toll has reached
204, 832 but the unofficial death toll is considerably

The Human Rights Foundation runs a training
programme for women panchayat or local council
presidents. Many are from the Dalit community and have been
able to organise relief supplies for Dalit families. It is
unlikely that food rations would have reached them without
this representation.

Donations to the CWS Coronavirus
Appeal will help protect thousands of Dalit and Tribal
families from Covid-19 as local partner

  • Share good health messages to
    protect people from Covid-19
  • Fund personal
    protective equipment, hygiene supplies and
  • Advocate for access to government food
    relief schemes and vaccinations.
  • Distribute
    emergency food rations to some of the many people who have
    received no assistance.

Donations to the
Emergency Appeal
can be

• On line at:

By Phone with a credit card: 0800 74 73 72

• By Post
to: CWS, PO Box 22652, Christchurch 8140

CWS is a
member of
ACT Alliance
(Action by Churches Together) a global coalition
of more than 130 churches and church-related organisations
working together on humanitarian, development and advocacy
in over 120

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