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COVID-19 Cases Doubled Last Month In NW Syria Second Wave

COVID-19 cases doubled last month in Northwest Syria, and
international aid agency World Vision warns that many lives
could be at risk if vaccination rates in the region don’t
massively increase.

Only about 54,000 doses of vaccine
have been administered in a population of over 4 million
people in Northwest Syria, where millions of people have
been forced from their homes by conflict. While countries
around the world are racing to secure COVID-19 vaccines for
their own people, only 0.3% of the administered vaccines
globally have gone to people in low-income countries such as

“Confirmed COVID-19 cases have reached 23,862
in Northwest Syria, including 672 deaths,” says Johan
Mooij, World Vision Syria Response Director. “Now Syrian
people who have already been exposed to unimaginable trauma
are waiting for Western countries to show solidarity and
help them access vaccines through the COVAX

Vaccine shipments to the region have also
been delayed because of the uncertainty of United nations
Security Council negotiations about border crossings. “We
are extremely concerned about the impact that the slow
vaccination rollout will have on already critically
vulnerable populations in Northwest Syria,” says Alexandra
Matei from World Vision’s Syria Response. “The renewal
date for the UN Security Council Resolution 2533 is fast
approaching and its outcome will play a critical role in
ensuring the provision of life-sustaining aid -including
medicine and vaccines.”

“The pledged COVID-19
vaccine supply to Northwest Syria would only cover a maximum
of 20 per cent of the population, and no vaccines are
allocated to cover Northeast Syria areas where cases are
increasing daily,” warns Mahmoud Homsi, Health Technical
Advisor at World Vision Syria Response. “This must change
– no one is safe until we are all safe, in the global battle
against this pandemic.”

With more than 2.7 million
internally displaced people living in crowded camps and
relying on an already strained healthcare system, World
Vision says the vaccination rollout in Syria must be
prioritised by the international community in order to avert

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