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COP25 And COP26 Presidents Urge Governments To Strengthen The Climate Ambition Alliance

UN Climate Change News, 5 May 2021
Ahead of this year’s UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in
Glasgow, the President of the conference, Mr. Alok Sharma,
and the President of the UN Climate Change Conference COP25
in Madrid in 2019, Ms. Carolina Schmidt of Chile, are
calling on all countries to either follow through on
commitments made under the Climate Ambition Alliance, or to
join the efforts of the Alliance.

The Climate Ambition
Alliance brings together countries, businesses, investors,
cities and regions which are working towards achieving
net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, as well as countries
committed to updating their national climate action plans
under the Paris
– Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
Alluding to the analysis
of national climate action plans submitted in 2020 and
compiled by the UN Climate Change secretariat, the COP
Presidents write:

“The leadership from governments
and non-state actors starts our pathway to net zero. But it
is not enough (…) We are currently a long way off what
science tells us is needed over the course of this decade.
Together we need to go further and faster to ensure that we
build a healthier and more sustainable future, one which
respects the natural systems that underpin our existence and
delivers dignity for all of humanity.”

Through the
Climate Ambition Alliance launched in 2019, over 120
governments joined together, committing to come forward with
plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and to submit more
ambitious NDCs. This means countries covering around 70% of
global GDP have made net-zero commitments.

engagement in the Alliance is led by the governments of
Chile and the United Kingdom, with support from UN Climate
Change and UNDP. Mobilization of non-government actors is
led by the High-Level
Climate Champions for Climate Action
Nigel Topping and
Gonzalo Muñoz under the ‘Race
to Zero’ campaign

Beyond governments, over 3,000
organizations have joined the Race to Zero campaign led by
the High-Level Champions. Last week, the UN-led Race to Zero
campaign strengthened
and clarified criteria
that outline the minimum standard
for initiatives of businesses, investors, cities, regions
and universities for robust and credible net-zero

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary
Patricia Espinosa endorsed the call by the COP Presidents,
saying: “2021 will be the most important year for the
international response to climate change since the inception
of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. All
efforts during the year will culminate at COP26, which must
be a success. More countries joining the Climate Ambition
Alliance and following through on existing commitments,
backed by new commitments made under the Race to Zero
campaign, will provide crucial impetus to put the world on a
pathway to a safer and healthier future.”

Presidents Alok Sharma and Carolina Schmidt are asking
governments to inform them of their plans for raising
ambition to cut greenhouse gas emissions and identify the
following key opportunities to collaborate ahead of

Climate Weeks in 2021
will provide opportunities for
information exchange and peer learning on national and
sectoral approaches to delivering net-zero

• High-Level Regional Climate Week events
in August and September will showcase and recognize the
leadership of members of the Climate Ambition Alliance;

• Sectoral- and technical-level dialogues,
including under the Marrakech
, will support national planning

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