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At HRC: Euro-Med Monitor Says Racism In Lebanon Reached Alarming Levels

Geneva – Discrimination and racism
against different groups in Lebanon have been growing,
resulting in dire effects on the lives of hundreds of
thousands in the country, the Euro-Mediterranean Human
Rights Monitor and Geo Expertise said during the 46th
session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Delivered by Euro-Med Monitor’s advocacy
officer, Ahmed Alnaouq, the speech said that the Coronavirus
pandemic and the economic crisis have revealed the enormity
of racist laws and measures taken against foreign workers in
the country, which allowed employers to lay workers off in a
humiliating way without accountability.

Over 250,000
foreign women work under the exploitative sponsorship
system, which puts their status at the hands of their
employers, making them easy prey to various types of
violations that may reach the level of contemporary slavery,
the speech said.

In the speech, Alnaouq said that
Lebanon hosts about 1.5 million Syrian refugees and 175
thousand Palestinian refugees, who are suffocated with
racist laws that restrict their guaranteed rights to work,
health care and movement, while subjected to security
harassments under various pretexts.

The speech said
that as a result of hate speech against foreigners and
refugees, racist practices are not limited to the official
level but are widely practiced popularly, adding that there
has been a noticeable increase in racist attacks against
Syrian refugees in the country recently.

added, last December, a camp housing about 100 Syrian
families was set on fire.

The two organizations called
on the Lebanese authorities to show real intentions to
combat the growing racism in the country, curb hate speech
and incitement against foreigners, and abolish all racist
laws in compliance with the international agreements the
country ratified in this context, most notably the
International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions related
to the protection of domestic workers and the International
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial

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