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An Easy Test Of Whether Democrats Are Faking It

When Democrats were handed the U.S. Congress in 2006 to
end the war on Iraq, and they escalated it in order to
“oppose” it in the 2008 elections, it’s possible some
of them were not being completely forthright and respectful
toward you, their loyal supporters.

When the
Democratic legislature in California passes single-payer
healthcare whenever it can count on a Republican governor to
veto it, but never during Democratic governorships, or when
the U.S. Congress ends the war on Yemen when it can count on
a Trump veto but not when Biden is in, it’s possible that
certain politicians’ expressions of concern for people
lacking healthcare or people lacking bomb-free skies are
less than completely sincere.

When Biden claims
he’ll start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by the May
1st deadline yet somehow not finish until September 11th,
and thereby end a war that is mostly an air war, without
ending the air war or withdrawing all the mercenaries,
spies, and saboteurs, or when Biden ends “offensive”
attacks on Yemen and “relevant” weapons sales, but the
attacks turn out to all be “defensive” and the weapons
sales mostly “irrelevant,” it’s possible he’s
screwing with us.

But is there a simple test to
determine when Democrats are faking it and when (if ever)
they’re not? Is there an easy foolproof way to know
whether they’re sincere or play-acting? How can we know,
for example, whether these broken Biden promises should be
blamed on Republicans, Russia, China, or — in fact —

  • A $15/hour minimum wage
  • Paid sick
    and family leave
  • Expanded voting rights, including
    for people convicted of felonies
  • Campaign finance
  • Free community college for two
  • Forgiveness of student debt at public colleges
    and universities
  • Free college for families paid less
    than $125,000 a year
  • Universal preschool
  • A
    healthcare “public option”
  • A lowered age for
  • A pathway to citizenship
  • A ban on
    assault weapons
  • A ban on union busting
  • A ban
    on “new” fracking
  • A tax penalty for
  • The cap removed on Social Security taxes,
    and Social Security expanded
  • Vouchers capping
    housing costs at 30% of income
  • Abolition of the
    federal death penalty
  • Decriminalization of
  • Elimination of cash bail and of mandatory
    minimum sentences

Well, here’s the solution.
Here’s how you tell whether they’re completely full of
it. Go to bed. Get a good night’s sleep. Wake up in the
morning and look around. Are they acting more-or-less like
before? Or is the president and each senator and
representative out making passionate speeches about the need
to end the filibuster and the careers of Senators Manchin
and Sinema? Are those two filibuster protectors being hit
with any carrots or sticks? Carrots like public events with
the president and cabinet members, media interviews,
amendments and bills brought to votes, new committee
assignments, campaign funding, trips on the president’s
airplane. Sticks like public denunciations, ostracism,
primary challengers, mocking TV ads,
“moderate-confidence” “intelligence” “community”
“assessments” of servitude to Putin, etc.,

When a political party wants something of one of
its members, it usually gets it. When it doesn’t want it,
it’s usually perfectly able to make its supporters believe
it wants it, without actually lifting a finger to get it.
What we need is simply to change this formula and check on
whether there is any action behind words.

Has a single
Congress Member committed to voting no on increased military
spending? Has a single one of them introduced a resolution
to end a single war? Has anyone introduced a Green New Deal
more substantive than a “resolution” “expressing”
“sentiment”? No, no, no, and this requires discipline.
This doesn’t just happen.

But the Democrats rely on
one thing. They rely on you to be an utter imbecile. They
count on you to roll right over from electing them in 2020
to focusing on electing them again in 2022, with a focus on
the icky Republicans and no questions about what the purpose
of electing the Democrats in 2020 could possibly have

Originally published here.
David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio
host. He is executive director of
and campaign coordinator for
Swanson’s books include
Is A Lie
. He blogs at
He hosts
Nation Radio
. He is a 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,
2019 Nobel Peace Prize

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