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‘All For Vaccines’ Campaign Takes Over The São Paulo Sambadrome, With The Support Of Samba Schools’ Members

This year, instead of uninterrupted parties, the Carnival
in São Paulo will be marked by the “All for
Vaccines”campaign. Organized by scientific communication
institutions, such as Team Halo / United Nations (UN), the
COVID-19 Observatory, NPV/USP, Pro-vaccine Union, among
others -, the initiative will have its name painted on the
renowned “samba runway” at the São Paulo Sambadrome on
Friday, February 12. The conclusion of the artistic
intervention is scheduled for Saturday morning, when
distinguished representatives of samba schools will be
attending the event to represent a very small glimpse of
what would have taken place in the sambadrome at this time
of year. The painting will cover a significant portion of
the runway, an area of over 10,000 ft.

The goal is to
draw attention to the importance of vaccination against
COVID-19 and that everyone has access to vaccines, at a time
when Brazil’s famous carnival revelry has been replaced by
necessary sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the new
coronavirus. According to Flavia Ferrari, from the COVID-19
Observatory, “Carnival is a holiday of monumental
importance for the economy of the country and the city of
São Paulo, as it has invaluable effects on tourism and
culture. The cancellation of parades, as well as street
festivities, has a direct impact on the daily life of people
in Brazil, and on their emotional well-being”.

the most impacted are certainly the thousands of members of
the samba schools. And it is precisely some of them who will
do the painting, not in an atmosphere of competition, but of
cooperation for a common goal. About 80 volunteers from the
various samba associations will be responsible for painting
the message #TodosPelasVacinas (#AllForVaccines) on the
Sambadrome runway, coordinated by Nós Artivistas, a
collective of artists and activists. The intervention will
be conducted with the collaboration of the São Paulo’s
Secretary of Culture and SPTuris, with the support from
Suvinil and ANESP.

“The message we are conveying is
not only nationally relevant. Overcoming the challenges of
the pandemic depends on our solidarity, on a transparent,
equitable, and fair global cooperation against the virus. We
know that only when all countries are vaccinated will our
tourism and economy resume their activities, and only then
will we be able to hold Carnival parades again. That is why
the message “All for Vaccines” is so powerful, as it
reinforces how much our optimism about the future depends on
everyone, around the world, being vaccinated”, says
Kimberly Mann, director of the United Nations Information
Center for Brazil (UNIC Rio de

About the “All for Vaccines”
campaign :

The campaign is organized by Team
Halo/United Nations (UN),ABRASCO, Unicamp Science Blogs,
COSEMS / SP, the Vaccine Research Center at University of
São Paulo (NPV-USP), the COVID-19 BR Observatory, the
Disseminate Project, the COVID-19 Analysis Network, the USP
Vaccine Research Center, ScienceVlogs Brazil, the Brazilian
Society of Immunology and the Pro-vaccine Union. The goal is
to create a space for dialogue with the general population
through content prepared by specialists, as well as a
virtual environment where people can send their questions
about immunization against COVID-19. The
portal is a hub with informative materials in various
formats – texts, audio, images and videos – to be shared on
social media. On the portal, podcasts created by partner
organizations are available, in addition to other materials,
such as the e-book “The Practical Guide to Vaccines”,
and a collection of artistic assets in the VacinArte

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