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ACDX Offers World’s First Leveraged Trading For Chia (XCH)

— ACDX is the world’s first crypto exchange to list
leveraged trading for XCH

— XCH is the native token
of Chia Network, the decentralized smart transaction
platform founded by BitTorrent’s inventor Bram

— ACDX hopes to reaffirm its commitment to the
expanding decentralized financial economy

May 8, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – ACDX, the crypto derivatives
exchange offering advanced structured products for
sophisticated traders, is offering its users the world’s
first leveraged BBS trading option for Chia Tokens (XCH). It
is the world’s first crypto exchange to kick off such a
leveraged listing, empowering users to trade XCH Bull Bear
Strike Token (XCH BBS) with multiple times

Founded by Bram Cohen, the inventor of the
BitTorrent network, Chia Network is building a better
blockchain and smart transaction platform which is more
decentralized, more efficient, and more secure. It is the
first enterprise-grade digital money, using the first new
Nakamoto consensus algorithm since Bitcoin. Its goal is to
improve the global financial and payments system.

are always looking for innovative, secure, and efficient
projects to list on ACDX. Chia Network is exactly what we
are seeking,” commented Andy Cheung, founder and executive
chairman of ACDX.

ACDX is a next-generation crypto
exchange that strives to architect innovations into the
crypto market. Designed by professional traders, its most
unique product is Bull Bear Strike Token (BBS) that combines
the fascination of perpetual futures and options. It can be
traded as easy as perpetual futures with the capped risk
like options.

Given the mass adoption of blockchain
this year, ACDX has decided to reaffirm its commitment to
the global decentralized financial economy. As Chia is
adopting more modern cryptographic tools to enable richer
smart transaction capabilities, ACDX believes the listing
can help them deliver the vision to bridge the gap between
the decentralized and centralized blockchain

“We have been closely monitoring the
decentralized financial space. Our team is aware that many
financial and payments projects have flourished in 2021 with
the potential to blossom further in 2022. PayPal, eBay, etc.
To respond to our community’s needs, we decided to explore
this field,” commented Andy Cheung.


ACDX offers a next-generation cryptocurrency
derivatives trading platform with cryptocurrency structured
products. The exchange is focused on true innovation across
a wide range of easy-to-use, fair, and transparent trading
products that suit the needs of current and emerging
cryptocurrency traders. Visit

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