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A Report On The Roundtable Discussion On The WTO And The Indigenous Peoples And Minorities

In the 26 years of the World Trade Organization, its
neoliberal framework has raised people’s resistance for
tilting towards the interests of the big corporations, few
global economic elites, leading to destroyed livelihoods and
the environment.

And in time when the world tries to
recoup from a health and economic crisis, the call amplifies
to establish a new global trade order and development

How does WTO’s trade agenda impact
Indigenous Peoples rights, lands, livelihood and resources?
What are the manifestations of intergovernmental and local
trade policies to ethnic and rural communities?

roundtable discussion last May 28 aimed to unpack these
issues and articulate the Indigenous Peoples stand in
pushing for a people’s trade agenda.

The dialogue is
part of the People Over Profit’s (PoP) campaign in
advancing a people’s trade agenda and envisioning A
Future Without the WTO
. The
International Indigenous People’s Movement for
Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL), a member of the
PoP, organized this event and gathered its members, networks
and partners.

A short campaign briefing was led by
Noel Colina of PoP and JC Navera of Ibon International
sharing on the A
Future Without the WTO
campaign, and
developments on the WTO’s 12th
Ministerial Conference (MC12)
(12 to 17 June)
at WTO headquarters in Geneva.

The dialogue and
consultation was attended by organizations including Ibon
International, Indigenous Youth Front of the Archipelago in
Indonesia, SCODE from Vietnam, Merdeka West Papua Support
Network, Bangladesh Indigenous Women’s Network, ILPS
Commission 10, and indigenous peoples from Naga, Northeast
India; Toraja, Indonesia; and the Philippines.


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