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4000 Rockets Launched From Gaza Toward Israel’s Cities

Hamas continues to indiscriminately target civilian
populations in Israel while using their own civilians as
human shields. Their rockets have killed Israeli Arabs and
citizens of Thailand and India who were residing in Israel.
In addition, Hamas built an extensive underground tunnel
network beneath civilian areas. This network allowed them,
until recently, to stock weapons, missiles, command posts,
communication centres, and fighters, as well as to shoot
from underground.

The origin of this escalation lies
in the cancellation of the Palestinian elections by the
Palestinian Authority. Hamas was certain that it would gain
power in these elections. When they were cancelled, Hamas
then sought to use events surrounding Jerusalem Day and
Sheikh Jarrah to incite riots and violence in order to
advance their political goals.

Israel did not seek
this conflict, and did everything in its power to deescalate
potential tensions around Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
Israel delayed the court proceedings on Sheikh Jarrah,
rerouted the traditional Jerusalem Day parade, and
restricted the entry of Jewish visitors to the Temple

Despite all of these measures, the propaganda
and incitement continued. Ultimately, Hamas launched
unprecedented rocket fire on Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day
(10.5.21). Hamas and Islamic Jihad have since fired 4000
rockets at Israel. Approximately one quarter of these
rockets have misfired and fallen in Gaza itself, causing
Palestinian casualties.

Israel is grappling with a
radical Islamic terrorist organisation that has controlled a
strip of territory on its border since 2007, when Hamas took
over Gaza by force, refusing to accept the Palestinian
Authority’s election results. Israel is working to degrade
their terrorist capabilities and deter their will to fight,
while doing its utmost to avoid civilian casualties and
restore calm quickly.

Israel is monitoring the
humanitarian situation, and we are in constant contact with
aid organisations. We are aware of the difficulties and are
doing everything possible to allow the passage of
humanitarian aid to Gaza.

On 18 May 2021 as Israel was
transferring humanitarian aid to Gaza, Hamas launched mortar
shells on the trucks as they were crossing the border. The
following day, on 19 May 2021, another attempt was made to
transfer humanitarian aid to Gaza, and Hamas again fired at
the border crossings as the trucks were passing

Israel is going to unprecedented lengths to
prevent civilian casualties and collateral damage by
targeting terrorist sites with the greatest possible
precision. Criticizing Israel is therefore hugely damaging
to all democracies fighting against similar radical forces,
because it implies that democracies cannot properly protect
themselves. It serves to encourage and support terrorists,
which is detrimental to all those who want peace and a
better future.

Those who should be criticized are the
perpetrators of double war crimes, who are hiding behind
civilians while firing on civilians. To support Israel and
its counterterrorism efforts is to support our common
security and shared interests in the Middle

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