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Weekend Of Action Against Cruel Horse Racing

New Zealand racetracks will be hit this Saturday and
Sunday by both Palmerston North and Taranaki Animal Save as
they gather with the Coalition for the Protection of
Racehorses (CPR), as a show of force against cruel horse

“There is a growing movement against horse
racing in New Zealand, as more people become aware of the
inherent cruelty and abuse that is inflicted on horses”
said Taranaki Animal Save spokesperson Elin

“Horses are beaten with a whip, have their
tongues tied and spurs dug into their flanks. They are
completely dominated, running out of fear for gambling
profits and entertainment” she

“Approximately 3,000 New Zealand thoroughbred
horses are unaccounted for on a yearly basis” Ms Arbez
said. (Report available here).
“At this point the racing authorities wipe their hands of
any responsibility to the horses and have no idea where they

“Thousands of thoroughbreds in Aotearoa are
going missing on a yearly basis – and all these deaths are
for the revenue of gambling and
Spokesperson for Palmerston North
Animal Save, Campbell Arnott said the groups would also be
highlighting the high number of race day injuries and

“This year alone there have already been at
least 9 on-track deaths of horses, as well as 127 injuries –
65 of them serious” he said. “One of those deaths
occurred right here in Palmerston North where this
Saturday’s protest is taking place. Her name was Falco
Three. She was 4-years old.”

“New Zealand
thoroughbred racing is shamefully killing, on average, 2
horses per month, with many more sustaining on-track
injuries that deem them liabilities” he said

particular Palmerston North event is a pink ribbon sponsored
day, meaning it raises funds for breast

“While that in itself is a noble and worthy
cause, it remains unacceptable to use blatant animal abuse
to raise such funds. These could be seen as clever tactics
used by the industry to look charitable at face value and
mask the cruel reality behind these events.” Mr Arnott

“We are opposed to horse racing. While people
are enjoying bubbles and fashion, there are horses bubbling
from their mouth, bleeding in their lungs and being raced to
death. While people are betting, horses are going through
Russian roulette on their life” he said.

“You bet,
they die. Your support of this event is support of animal

Read about CPR’s New Zealand campaign here.
CPR’s latest documentary

Follow Palmerston North Animal Save here
Taranaki Animal Save here.

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