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We Warned You: Māori Procurement Rules Are Abhorrent

The case of a small business owner being
to prove her business is ‘Māori owned’

demonstrates the absurd cost of the Government’s Māori
procurement rules, says the
New Zealand

spokesman Jordan Williams says, “We were the first
to raise the alarm
over ‘indigenous procurement’
policies back in 2019, when we found the idea buried deep in
a Cabinet paper. Now that the policy has been rammed through
without consultation, we’re seeing the ugly

“We should welcome government entities
reviewing contracts to maximise value, but that’s not what’s
happening here. A government entity is threatening a
specialist contractor’s livelihood on the basis of her race.
It’s almost unbelievable that this could happen in 2021 in a
developed country.”

“Minifies has been contracting to
the Defence Force since 2009. Presumably they’ve kept this
contract because they provide good value and specialised
services to the taxpayer. Chopping off best-placed
contractors for the sake of political correctness will
result in second-best contractors providing less value for
the taxpayer.”

“New Zealanders shouldn’t be forced to
lie about their family background, or to pay genealogists
and consultants to verify their Māori credentials, in order
to offer services to the Government. The key consideration
– in fact, the only consideration – in Government
procurement should be value for the

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