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Wasted Money Could Have Helped Progress Skilled Migrants Says NZAMI

The deferral of the new accreditation of employers’
system to 2022 means the Government has wasted thousands of
dollars by sending immigration staff throughout New Zealand
this year to explain a system it is not ready to

Ms June Ranson, chair of the New Zealand
Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI), says the
deferral shows a lack of planning.

“We in the
immigration industry could not see from the outset how the
new accreditation system could have been implemented by
November 1, based on Immigration NZ’s lack of staff, the
upgrading of its IT system and the Government’s previous
history in delaying changes,” Ms Ranson says.

money wasted here with travel alone, could have been used
towards processing of Skilled Migrant Residence applications
for migrants who have been waiting for more than two years
to learn of their future in New Zealand.

“After all,
we have been told that the Skilled Migrant residence
category is hindered through no funding for resourcing

Ms Ranson says other changes
announced by Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi will not solve
the skill shortages employers are facing, and which are
forcing them to operate fewer hours, or close their
business, impacting all industries. This will impact on the
New Zealand economy.

“Industries across New Zealand
have been crying out for skilled workers,” she says.
“The Government’s new answer to help this, when the
median wage increases to $27 per hour from July 19, is to
enable skilled people to gain longer term visas: a two-year
visa if the worker is paid below median wage, or three years
if above the median wage.

“The past requirement on
employers to prove that no New Zealand residents or citizens
could fill the role has been withdrawn. Should the migrant
be changing his role or region location with the employer,
the position is required to be advertised. What has been
announced for the temporary work visas is purely tinkering
with the system – a smokescreen for people to think
something proactive is happening!

“While the
Government is still reviewing the criteria for border entry
through the other critical worker pathway, without some
expansion to the current criteria employers will still be
struggling to find enough

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