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This Is Your Moment – Take It!

Nanaia Mahuta

Minister of Foreign



Once again we urge you to
speak out condemning Israel’s brutal aggression against
the Palestinian people which is escalating in East
Jerusalem, Gaza and the occupied Palestinian

In the last few days Israeli troops have
attacked Palestinians at prayer in the Al Aqsa mosque
injuring over 200 worshippers, have launched numerous
attacks against Palestinians resisting the ethnic cleansing
policies of the Israeli regime in East Jerusalem and are now
conducting a massive bombing campaign against the people of
the besieged Gaza strip killing dozens of Palestinian

If attacks such as this were being made
against Jews anywhere in the world the government would
condemn them unequivocally. There is no excuse for

As we said to you in our letter of 8

The Palestinian people deserve the New
Zealand government’s voice on their side rather than our
“complicity through silence” which usually accompanies
Israeli racism and systematic brutality against

In speaking out we urge you not to use
anaemic language such as “calling for calm” or “urging
restraint on both sides” because those statements in
effect mean New Zealand siding with Israel’s racist,
ethnic cleansing policies.

Please intervene with a
strong, clear voice which condemns both Israel’s ethnic
cleansing of the indigenous people of Palestine and the
brutality meted out against them by the Israeli police and
armed forces. New Zealand should be demanding equal rights
and equal treatment for all people living under Israeli
occupation and control.

As this situation is critical,
please speak out now.

As well as condemning Israel’s
actions it is critical you also address the underlying
causes which are Israel’s racist, apartheid policies
towards Palestinians which are backed up by unbridled
brutality – just as the same polices as were used to back
up South Africa’s apartheid regime in earlier

And please do not use the “rockets from
Gaza” as any excuse for Israel or as any reason not to
speak out clearly and unambiguously. The rockets are a micro
issue and simply a response to the savage brutality of the
Israeli regime.

Nanaia, you have been in the role of
Minister of Foreign Affairs for over six months now and not
a word of support for Palestinians. This is your moment –

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