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The Rort That Is The America’s Cup

Tax and rate payers of Aotearoa have contributed hundreds
of millions of dollars over the last two decades on a Cup
and a sport that only a small minority of New Zealanders
participate in.

As accepted by way of interviews and
responses, Grant Dalton accepts that the America’s Cup is
about billionaires and big money.

None of us can
forget our when our heart and soul as a country was seized
by outsiders in 2000 when two born and bred New Zealanders;
Russel Coutts and Brad Butterworth chose to exit their
country in favour of a better dollar value from a different

We have all observed the high-powered legal
teams that are deployed to rort the Americas Cup rule book
in regards to every challenge. Justice is demonstrated to be
the manipulation of power by the rich.

Once again, we
have the Americas Cup act as a beacon of light for those
that know the price of everything but the value of nothing,
and those that understand dollars but have no

When the Americas Cup gets distilled to how
much money rather than how much mana, we have truly lost our

One hundred million dollars on offer to any code
in this country is an offer that no other code from JAB to
the All Blacks would refuse. But it was.

privileged, entitled, rich, top end of town, fully funded in
previous endeavours by Aotearoa Incorporated have shown
their true colours. If the hand-out from Government isn’t
big enough they will sell their souls to the highest

To suggest the top end of town have been
brutalised financially by Covid is a nonsense. In fact, with
quantitative easing practiced by central banks around the
world, the rich have become extraordinarily rich, in fact
more so than any other period following the second world

Do the big boys down town have plenty of money to
sponsor their own cup? You bet they do! They’d just rather
not use it.

One week of Covid subsidies to the
business community in this country added up to more than all
of the Treaty of Waitangi settlements paid out over the last
30 years. Just one week.

As Co-Leader of Te Pāti
Māori, it would be a sin not to mention a number of other
anomalies in regards to the way in which funds are
distributed to Māori Creative Arts or Māori

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO)
receives $16.3 million. The Royal New Zealand Ballet (RNZB)
receives $5.4 million each year.

Te Matatini received
$1.9 million.

Of the three organisations, only Te
Matatini reached its target audience of 65,000. Te Matatini
is also the only one of the three with a required online /
television audience target of 1 million views and achieved
it all. It receives one-seventh of the funding provided to
NZSO but is required to achieve higher audience
participation rates.

And lets talk about the
America’s Cup who received $250 million from the Auckland
ratepayer and the New Zealand tax payer for the last
Americas Cup Challenge. $250 million!

The sooner the
Americas Cup is banished from our shores, the better. Invest
the $100 million on offer into our poor, our homeless and
the real people that require it.

The rich have had
enough play in the water. Time they pay for their own boats
from now

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