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The Experts’ Reaction Was Mute As No Rail Freight Over Truck Freight Mentioned Yet Globally Most Are Switching To Rail

Commission’s Final Advice Calls For Step-up On Climate
Action – Expert Reaction’


Considering the mass of experts assembled here
to review with expert views on the Climate commissions final
report to government it was another disappointment that
omitted any discussion about the environmental and economic
benefits of rail freight.

CEAC has boldly discussed
this in great
over the last four years and still rail is
dropped as the leading mode to reduce climate emissions over
road freight.

Again we call on this Government to move
back to Rail rather than expanding even more road freight as
time is short.

We travelled back to Gisborne yesterday
from Napier on Highway 2 and the road was jammed full of
truck freight (mainly logs) while the rail line lays idle to
Napier, and in Gisborne’s case their rail line was been
cut off completely from any freight traffic.

Kiwi rail
is in need of a change of management as it has shown to be
negligent at running a rail service.

As we said
before’ We see the best way is to use rail
freight, to reduce road transport of freight around this
that has trebled since 21 years ago
according to the statistics from truck movements we have

The benefits are to reduce carbon emissions
by carrying half the freight by rail and the reminder by
road, as this will reduce the truck emissions and overuse of
energy use for those road repairs going on continuously for
over use of heavy truck use of our ‘light–duty’ single
laned regional roads that are always in poor

Many other countries are now improving their
rail services and our time has come, to provide a balance to
transport services around NZ provinces, and reduce transport
carbon emissions to play our part to reduce climate change
and disaster facing our future


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