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Support The People Of Colombia Against State Violence This Sunday 3.30pm, Aotea Square

Unite Union and Global Peace and Justice Aotearoa are
calling on Aucklanders to join people from Colombia this
Sunday At 3.30pm in Aotea Square, to strongly condemn the
brutal repression of the Colombian people exercising their
right to freedom of expression, demonstrating against the
tax reform bill and other harmful policies of their

“We want to support the
legitimate demands of the Colombian people, support the
strike, the peaceful mobilizations in line with the
decisions of the National Unemployment Committee and the
many social organizations that support them,” says Mike
Treen, Advocate for Unite Union and spokesperson for

“The people of Colombia are victims of police
repression for demonstrating in the streets. Together with
global union federations Unite Union rejects armed violence
against the country’s citizens, which has led to
disappearances, arrests, injuries and deaths.

“On 28
April, a national strike rejecting a proposed tax reform
with increased taxes on public services, started in
Colombia. The country’s President Iván Duque responded to
the massive and peaceful demonstrations with excessive
police violence.

“So far, 28 people have died, 234
have been injured, 726 have been arbitrarily detained and
more than 100 people are missing.

“On 4 May, global
union federations sent a letter to the Inter-American
Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the United Nations
High Commissioner for Human Rights, asking them to urgently
intervene in Colombia to stop the brutal police

They also called on the Colombian government
to promote dialogue and to listen to the demands of the
National Unemployment Committee, who called for the national
protest against the tax reform, the health, economic and
social crisis, which are results of the Covid-19

“Although the government announced the
withdrawal of the proposed tax reform on 2 May, the National
Strike Committee called for continued protests, an end to
the massacre and that those responsible be held

As Colombian union president president
Edwin Palma Egea explains:

“Our democracy is at
risk; the government is creating internal turmoil to justify
militarizing the streets and to massacre our youth. We call
on the government to sit down and negotiate with all social
parties to resolve the situation before there is more
violence and

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