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Successful Blockade/Protest At Ballance Factory

Western Sahara Solidarity Aotearoa and Extinction Rebellion
successfully blockaded the Headquarters of Ballance Agri-
utrients at Mt Maunganui. There were about 40 people in
attendance, with tripods blocking the entrance, along with
people chained across the main gate.

Within the first
hour of the protest multiple Ballance contractors have
rammed their vehicles into protesters.

Protestors have
been knocked to the ground and one had his leg caught under
the front bumper of a car as a contractor tried to force his
way into the plant.

“This just goes to show how much
Ballance values human life” said Te Wehi Ratana, activist
on site. “Ballance obviously think it is just as OK to run
people over as it is to poison the whānau at Whareroa and
fund a military occupation.”

We are here today to
stand up to Ballance for their crimes against indigenous
peoples. The people of Whareroa Marae are being poisoned by
Ballance daily, and a ship of stolen phosphate from the
indigenous people of Western Sahara is due to arrive in the
Port of Tauranga. The people of Western Sahara are victims
of war at Morocco’s hands – which Ballance is directly

We are continuing to invite Ballance to talk
with representatives of Western Sahara on the

Josie Butler of Ngaphui states “I am calling
out Nanaia Mahuta – Minister of Foreign Affairs to take
action for indigenous people suffering at Ballance’s
hands. Nanaia promised at my marae (Te Tii  o Waitangi)
to promote indigenous rights globally. There are Maori
people being poisoned and an indigenous population suffering
war crimes because of her

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