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Stop Labour’s Car Tax: New Campaign Launching 14 June

The Taxpayers’ Union is set to launch a new
campaign to stop Labour’s unfair, uneconomic, and
unenvironmental tax scheme on family cars and utes to fund
electric vehicles and the wealthy elite for zero
environmental benefit.

The campaign’s
petition, at
is targeting all vehicle owners who can’t afford a Tesla,
or who need a car that lasts more than a few hundred kms or
larger than a Nissan Leaf.

“What makes this tax
scheme so unfair is that it disproportionately impacts
larger families and low-income earners for whom an electric
car is a pipe dream,” says Jordan Williams, a Spokesman
for the Taxpayers’ Union.

“And the electric
vehicle subsidies don’t even help climate change. Because
transport is already under the ‘cap and trade’ Emissions
Trading Scheme, any emissions saved simply appear elsewhere.
It has a huge cost, but zip economic

“The electric car rebate system is yet
another example of this Government acting contrary to the
advice of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Their advice is for the politicians not to intervene in
parts of the economy covered by an ETS because of the
‘waterbed effect’. This environmental virtue-signalling
will add a few grand to the price of a large family car.
This campaign is to call out the cost and the lack of
environmental benefit.”

“The Government will be
taxing utes and people-movers in Otara so National Party
voters in St Heliers can get eight grand off the base model
Tesla. And for not a single tonne saved in New Zealand’s
greenhouse emissions. Socially, environmentally, and
financially, it is wrong.”

New Zealanders are
encouraged to sign the petition to stop the Car Tax at

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