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Road Rage | Scoop News

Government’s decision to spend a billion dollars on a
new bike and pedestrian bridge across the harbour ahead of
critical road and rail projects to ease congestion is
“crazy”, says Auckland Business Chamber CEO, Michael

“This so-called “re-balancing” of
transport priorities under the NZ Upgrade Programme because
of budget blowouts and poor forecasting sees six of the 32
transport projects dropped or rescoped in favour of a
glamour cycle project that will be used by so few. The
definition of priority at a time when the economy needs to
urgently lift its productivity and create business
efficiency including, moving people and freight across the
region and country defies all common sense” he said. “It
will give business road rage at a time when we all thought
urgency was being given to alleviating traffic choke

“I want to know what new information
these planners have to decide to drop Mill Road and opt
instead for cosmetic safety improvements and upgrades to SH1
and rail, and new rail stations to connect more walking,
cycling and public transport infrastructure. Question marks
hang over transport and freight routes linking Auckland and
Whangarei and beyond, but a bike and pedestrian crossing
built at a cost of a billion dollars and forecast to be used
by around 5,000 users a day gets the nod.“

is pandering to the minority and trying to make our
emissions and climate change targets look better on the

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