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Response To Concerns About The Government’s Purchase Of Land At Ihumātao

Last month, David Seymour MP and Nicola Willis MP wrote
separately to our Office about the Government’s purchase
of land at Te Puke Tāpapatanga a Hape (commonly referred to
as Ihumātao). They had concerns about:

  • $29.9
    million of the appropriation for the Land for Housing
    Programme being used to purchase the land at Ihumātao from
    Fletcher Residential Limited;
  • the use of that amount
    being outside the appropriation for that Programme and,
    therefore, potentially unlawful; and
  • the importance
    of the public being reassured that significant sums of
    taxpayer money are being managed

In our view, the intent of the
Ministry, and the intent of Ministers, was to establish a
new appropriation that would provide authority for the
purchase of the land at Ihumātao. However, because the
Ministry did not seek the correct approvals, the expenditure
was incurred without appropriation and without authority to
use Imprest Supply. For these reasons, the payment is
unlawful until validated by Parliament.

We do not
intend to carry out further inquiry work into this matter as
it will be addressed in the normal course of our
Controller work

We have published our responses
to both members of Parliament on
our website
. The responses are similar and contain
details on the work we have undertaken of this

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