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Rebuild The RMA But Give Community Time To Contribute, Feds Says

Federated Farmers has long believed Resource Management
Act reform is overdue but is concerned by the speed and
scale of the rebuilding proposed today.

“We should be
able to get to the end of this process and feel the work has
been completed over timeframes that will ensure we deliver
the outcomes we want to achieve as a country,” Federated
Farmers resource management act spokesperson Karen Williams

Environment Minister David Parker has announced
his intention to replace the RMA with three new pieces of
legislation before the end of this Parliamentary term, with
a special select committee looking at a draft of the main
Bill by the middle of this year.

“This gives very
little time for the community to absorb, consider and submit
on the contents of the Bill,” Karen says.

opportunity to make such significant step-changes comes once
in a generation, and reform should be done in a way that is
thorough, open and considered.

“It is too important an
issue to rush.

“We all want planning processes
simplified and costs and times reduced but we also want good
quality legislation. Faster planning doesn’t necessarily
equate to better planning.”

Federated Farmers believes
there is a danger that if the legislation is formed too
quickly it will exclude community input and could lean
towards predetermined outcomes.

“We are keen to ensure
this process includes adequate consideration of sustainable
food production planning. Feds would welcome wider community
comment on this.

“We also don’t want to see quick
fixes to address today’s urban ‘crisis’ around
housing, resulting in long-term changes to New Zealand’s
environmental management that has other resource users
picking up that environmental

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