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Proposed Changes To Hate Speech Laws

The Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand supports
several aspects of the recent proposed changes to New
Zealand’s hate speech legislation. In particular, we
welcome the expansion of the protected categories, the
shifting of section 131 of the Human Rights Act to the
Crimes Act, and the addition of incitement of hatred in the
Crimes Act to include groups as well as

IWCNZ supports free expression and the
right to criticise. Our advocacy and forthright direct
approaches are well known, and we would not want our or
anyone else’s ability to dialogue on important issues

As regular recipients of hate as individuals
and as a group, IWCNZ can confirm the harmful impacts of
targeted hate that crosses that line. Examples of such
dangerous content were shared at the recent
counter-terrorism conference in Christchurch in our session
on “What Hate Feels Like Now” and in the session on
Violent Extremism Online (that particular session can be
viewed here:,
starting at minute 52)

It is unfortunate
that some politicians left the conference early and did not
see the New Zealand-based evidence that was presented. We
are happy to engage with all political parties in our
parliament on these issues of public

It is IWCNZ’s position that we
do not want what happened to our community to happen ever
again to any community within or outside our

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