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Police Commitments To Strengthening Alternative Resolutions Process

Today, Police is launching a project to review the Formal
Warning policy to ensure it remains appropriate and
operational staff are consistently delivering warnings
according to the policy.

“Formal Warnings are one of
a number of the tools Police can draw upon to resolve
incidents without requiring court action.

They are
intended to be an effective mechanism for holding an
individual to account and deterring further offending by
showing them that the offence is taken seriously and
recorded as part of their criminal history,” says Jevon
McSkimming, Deputy Commissioner Strategy &

“Following a recent High Court judgement,
we recognise the importance of maintaining the public’s
confidence in this important tool.

The project
launched today will look at further policy development and
what additional support and monitoring can be provided to
our people to ensure Formal Warnings are consistently

“The decision to issue a Formal Warning is
at the discretion of an officer.

It involves an
assessment of the underlying factors of the incident to
determine the best option to support both the perpetrator
and victim, to help prevent future harm.”

“In the
meantime, we have provided updated guidance to staff
reminding them of the conditions that must be met prior to a
warning being issued.”

Further updates will be
provided as the project

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