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Parliamentary Palace Will Not Have The Support Of Taxpayers

“The Speaker’s attempt to pitch a new
Parliamentary palace as a ‘
office block
’ will not fly with
taxpayers,” says
spokesman Louis

“Fundamentally, you can’t
trust politicians with property projects. Their instinct
will always be to turn a new building into a gold-plated
legacy project.”

“You just know the planning stage
will turn into a performative, naval-gazing, drawn-out
consultation process. Some special interest group will
demand it’s built from native pine with swamp kauri
detailing. The wool industry will demand merino carpets, and
the vegans will protest. There will be sermons on
post-colonial architecture. And eventually some boffin will
remember we’re facing a timber shortage.”

Speaker justifies the new wooden building behind Parliament
by suggesting it could replace the Beehive in the event that
the Beehive became unusable. But why would the Beehive
become unusable? Are its base isolators ineffective? Is it
earthquake prone? Is there an asbestos problem? Has the
building’s infamous static electricity problem led to the
spontaneous combustion of junior Ministers? Taxpayers
deserve answers.”

“Trevor Mallard seems to fancy
himself as a property developer after spending $572,000
building a slide, and now he’s asking for the chequebook
to build entire buildings, plural. He’s

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