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OraTaiao Appeals To Government: Plate Up For Climate Change And Health

Since Government buys what thousands of us eat daily in
New Zealand, ‘buying healthy’ has long been an
immediately available yet overlooked step towards addressing
climate and health-induced inequities according to OraTaiao:
New Zealand Climate and Health Council and they are
challenging Government to act now to remedy

OraTaiao Co-Convenor, Dr Dermot
Coffey, announced today, the organisation is sending a food
procurement policy to Government asking that they put their
money where our mouths are.

“In order to meet their
obligation to develop a carbon-neutral public sector,
Government needs to look at food procurement through a
climate and health lens as well as a financial one,” Dr
Coffey said.

“The binding, all-of-government food
procurement policy OraTaiao proposes has a dual climate /
health benefit and will assist centrally-funded
institutions, such as hospitals, prisons, and schools in
meeting their carbon-neutrality goals.

Dr Coffey
continued, “By committing to purchasing and providing only
sustainable, healthy kai that is not climate-intensive, and
adopting new practices such as supporting local growers and
reducing the transport emissions connected to food miles,
the proposed policy will deliver financial efficiencies
while also contributing to building the longer-term
resilience critically needed in our nation’s food

“The true annual costs of food procurement
across the nation must always factor in the ongoing price
current policies inflict upon the climate, as well as upon
our physical health in the form of cardiac disease and
diabetes – with Māori bearing the greatest burden on all

He concluded, “In a few days, Aotearoa will
be busy discussing the final advice Climate Change
Commission present. But OraTaiao, with more than 700
individuals and organisations as supporters, unequivocally
states: the equity-driven, sustainable food procurement
policy we propose is simply the right thing to do today;
it’s ripe, low hanging fruit.

“We are counting on
Government to step up and pick

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