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National’s Plan For Corrections Assaults Doesn’t Go Far Enough

The National Party’s ‘five-point plan’ to curb the
rise in inmates assaulting prison officers doesn’t go far
enough and continues to ignore the Corrections
Association’s plea for the introduction of harsher
penalties, says Darroch Ball co-leader of Sensible
Sentencing Trust.

“Although National’s Corrections
spokesperson Simeon Brown has tabled a plan that is moving
in the right direction, it still hasn’t taken the biggest,
most effective step, which would be to promise to bring in
harsher sentences for these attacks.”

“Without a
plan to come down hard on these attackers, having more
police prosecutions will do nothing but create more

“Corrections Association President
Alan Whitley has continuously pointed out the desperate need
for these offenders to be held to account and for adequate
sentences to act as deterrents.”

“The obvious
frustration comes when inmates who bash officers either
don’t get prosecuted, end up with pathetically weak
sentences or have those sentences ridiculously being served

“National’s plan to reform the
internal disciplinary regime, improve frontline safety, and
review PPE suitability are steps in the right direction –
but will do very little to curb the serious assaults our
corrections officers are facing.”

“The suggestion
to trial tasers would only be for specialist teams and not
for general issue – which would obviously be of little
help for random violent attacks on frontline

“National has a chance to show a clear
alternative plan, but this entire ‘five-point’ plan just
has a Labour-like hue to it,” says Mr

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