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Māori Wards: Loss Of Accountability Necessitates Recall Option

Stronger accountability tools for local
government will be needed if the Government succeeds in
entrenching Māori wards, says the
Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “As more councils
introduce Māori wards, a significant proportion of our
local representatives will be accountable to just one
segment of local of voters. This loss of accountability
needs to be offset with new accountability

“An obvious example is recall elections:
when a councillor breaks a promise or brings disgrace to
their authority, voters shouldn’t have to wait until the
next election to vote them out of office. Voters should be
able to petition to recall a councillor. Under this model,
as practiced in the UK and many parts of the United States
and Canada, if the petition reaches a given threshold of
signatures a recall election will be triggered for that

Last year the Taxpayers’ Union, the
Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance, and Northern
Action Group
jointly released a paper proposing recall
elections. It is available at

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