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Mahuta’s Screwed Māori Wards Consultation Should See Bill Returned To Committee

The New Zealand
Taxpayers’ Union
is condemning Local
Government Minister Nanaia Muhata’s decision to give local
councils supporting her Māori wards legislation advance
notice of the short submission process.

decision was revealed by National MP Dr Nick Smith during
Question Time
this week.

Union spokesman
Jordan Williams says, “The Minister gave her allies a
five-day head start to prepare submissions on the Bill to
entrench Maori wards. Meanwhile, members of the general
public were given just one day’s notice to prepare for the
disgracefully short two-day submission

“The Minister knew perfectly well what
she was doing. The decision to warn her mates before
blindsiding the general public can only be read as a cynical
attempt to manipulate the consultation process and limit the
contributions of New Zealanders opposed to the

“The Taxpayers’ Union has 60,000
subscribed supporters, thousands of whom would have likely
produced personalised submissions on the legislation, had
they been given the time. Instead, these voices were
effectively silenced while the Bill’s allies were able to
spend six days writing screeds for the select

“If a National Government did a favour
like this for corporate special interests, Labour would
rightly be up in arms.”

“This is a complete
betrayal of the promise of open and transparent government.
It shows a complete disrespect for not just the public, but
Parliament as an institution. It undermines trust in the
Select Committee process and justifies the Speaker stepping
in so that public submissions are

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