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Live Export By Sea To Continue For Two Years

SAFE is disappointed by an announcement from MPI today
that exports of livestock by sea will continue until 30
April 2023.

SAFE CEO Debra Ashton says they received
the news via email which only outlined brief details around
the transition from when the Government first made the
announcement to put a ban in place in April of this

“We are extremely disappointed in this outcome
and have grave concerns for the tens of thousands of animals
who will be exported during this two-year wind down period
both during their journey and at their

Ashton says the world is watching as our
Government turns a blind eye to the suffering of these
animals. “Given that the decision to ban live export by sea
was prompted by animal welfare concerns and the risk to New
Zealand’s International reputation, how can the Government
allow this trade to continue for two more

Ashton says the Government has given no
reassurance that new contracts won’t be approved during this
time or how further risks can be mitigated. “This leads us
to believe that the industry will continue in full force in
the lead up to the ban. We urge the Government to decline
all new applications for live animal export, reconsider this
timeframe and cease live export by sea at the earliest

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