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Latest OIA, LGOIMA Data Released

Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier today released his latest
Official Information Act (OIA) and Local Government Official
Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) data[1].

In the
six months from 1 July to 30 December 2020, the Ombudsman
received 667 OIA complaints, a 17 per cent increase on the
previous six months. The number of LGOIMA complaints
received was 141, an eight per cent decrease.

number of complaints I receive under both Acts fluctuates,
according to the time of the year and external events”, Mr
Boshier says.

“I remain concerned about the number of
complaints that concern delays in making decisions on
official information requests”, Mr Boshier says.

the last six months of 2020, 18 per cent of LGOIMA and 28
per cent of OIA complaints concerned a delay”.

purpose of OIA and LGOIMA is to progressively increase the
availability of official information”, Mr Boshier says. “I
encourage agencies and local authorities to emphasise


About the data

data released by the Ombudsman concerns both OIA and LGOIMA
complaints received and completed from 1 July to 30 December
2020. It includes information on the number of complaints
received by Minister or agency, the nature of the complaint
and type of complainant (media, private individual, etc).
For the complaints completed, the data also includes the
outcome of the complaint.

The data does not enable a
direct comparison among agencies, as complaints data on its
own does not give the full picture. The number of complaints
received by the Ombudsman may be a very small proportion of
the total number of OIA or LGOIMA requests received by an

See the Ombudsman’s complaints data: OIA
and LGIOMA complaints received July – December

At the same time as the Ombudsman published
complaints and outcomes data, Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service
Commission (formerly the State Services Commission)
published its data on OIA requests received by agencies and
their response times. This data can be viewed here.

a graphical breakdown of the data, see Latest
OIA, LGOIMA data released

[1] This includes all
city, district and regional councils, as well as council
controlled organisations, community boards, domain boards,
public reserves boards and licensing trusts among others. See
Schedules 1 & 2 LGOIMA for more details

For the LGOIMA, this comprises companies, associations, and
incorporated societies.

For the OIA, this comprises
companies, associations, incorporated societies, political
party research units, special interest groups, trade unions,
researchers, Members of Parliament, and review agency (eg:

[3] For the LGOIMA, this comprises
decisions not made as soon as practicable, charge, manner or
form of release, delay in releasing information, refusal –
personal information about body corporate, Privacy Act
request, extension, and other.

For the OIA, it
comprises Privacy Act requests, charges, delay in releasing
information, extension, decisions not made as soon as
reasonably practicable, refusal – statement of reasons,
refusal – personal information about body corporate, manner
or form of release, condition, and

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