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Justice Committee Seeks Public Submissions On The Council Of Europe Convention On Cybercrime

The Justice Committee is seeking public input into its
examination of the Council of Europe Convention on
Cybercrime (the Budapest Convention). The committee is
specifically interested in the public’s views on the
National Interest Analysis (linked below) and proposed
legislative changes outlined in the analysis.

Budapest Convention is an international treaty seeking to
address internet and computer crime. It came into force in
2004 and currently has 65 members, predominantly from
Europe, but also from Asia, North and South America,
Australia, and the Pacific.

The convention deals with
crimes committed via the internet and other computer
networks, particularly infringements of copyright,
computer-related fraud, child pornography and violations of
network security. The convention also facilitates
investigations of serious crimes where evidence is stored
electronically, including terrorism, homicides, serious
assaults, sexual assaults, frauds, and child

The convention does this by aligning
members’ laws on cybercrime, ensuring that members share
similar search and surveillance powers for accessing
electronic evidence, establishing common channels and
protocols for cooperation, and facilitating the sharing of
best practice and technical information.
For more
information, please see the National Interest Analysis
linked below.

Please note that under Cabinet Manual
rules, the Government can take binding action to join the
convention within 6 weeks (to 8 July 2021). The Justice
Committee therefore intends to complete its work on the
convention by that date. The committee is seeking
submissions that specifically address the convention and its
implementation in New Zealand law and may or may not hear
oral evidence on the convention.

Tell the Justice
Committee what you think

a submission
on the treaty examination by midnight on
Sunday 20 June 2021.

For more details about the

· Read
the full content of the treaty

· Read
the National Interest Analysis

· Follow
the committee’s Facebook page for


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