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Inflation Almost 3 Times Higher For People Receiving Benefits

Statistics released today show that inflation was almost
three times higher for people receiving benefits than for
all households in the year to December 2020, mostly due to
higher rents.

“We know that people receiving
benefits end up paying a higher proportion of their income
than other households for everything, because benefits are
not sufficient for people to live on comfortably” says
co-ordinator of Auckland Action Against Poverty Brooke
Stanley Pao.

“We are aware of the impacts of rising
rents for people receiving benefits, as many people we see
at Work and Income are coming in to seek emergency shelter
or are already living in emergency shelter.

been consistent in calling for benefits to be increased, and
toward the end of last year we were joined by now 70 other
frontline and community organisations for the Labour
government to do this. They continue to deny the safety and
protection of having enough to live comfortably to 389,500
people, and contribute directly to the psychological,
physical and emotional trauma this involves and

Jacinda Ardern stands by her
government’s record of small changes made in this space,
but we’ve always said what they’re doing isn’t enough.
The Labour government continues to be dismissive and
ignorant of the 70 plus organisations as well as people’s
lived experiences. They’re so out of touch with what’s
occurring for people and families on the ground and at this
point she’s showing she’s not a Prime Minister for all
New Zealanders, as she so proudly boasted she wanted to be
when re-elected.

The Labour government needs to get
real about being transformational, instead of simply paying
lip-service and they have all the power to do this. They
need to be bold and increase benefits to liveable incomes,
as well as make public housing a priority and human right

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