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Human Rights Commissioner’s Position Now Untenable

With both opposition parties calling for his
resignation, and Government’s refusal in Parliament to
express confidence, the position of Paul Hunt as Chief Human
Rights Commissioner is now untenable.

Union Executive Director Jordan Williams said, “Paul
Hunt’s judgement in giving taxpayer money to the Mongrel
Mob, and his refusal to pay it back has nothing to do with
the independence of his Office or its role. He needs to read
the room and fall on his sword; he simply no longer has the
respect required to undertake his duties.”

Mr Hunt was appointed there was a lot of concern about his
perceived partisan political viewpoints. He should have
worked to dispel these, rather than reinforce them. The fact
even his own side are not willing to express confidence
shows that he has become a lame duck and needs to go for the
credibility of the Commission and its

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