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H&M Insist On Poverty Wages And Understaffing – Auckland Workers To Strike!


Global fast fashion brand H&M are still
refusing to negotiate a living wage, and strike action is
escalating today in Auckland as staff from Commercial Bay
and Sylvia Park will walk off the job to demonstrate in the
central city outside one of the company’s most lucrative


Friday 21 May,


Outside H&M Commercial
Bay, 7 Queen Street, Auckland


H&M is the second-largest
global retailer of fast fashion products, but here in New
Zealand, they have made every attempt possible avoid paying
a cent more than minimum wage despite huge profits, and a
new Collective Agreement remains unsigned despite months of
attempts to negotiate, says FIRST Union organiser Nathalie

“These are young and enthusiastic workers
whose jobs in retail simply aren’t living up to the hype
of what the company promised them. They are underpaid and
understaffed, and despite wage subsidies and massive
profits, H&M don’t want to pay them a cent more than
the absolute minimum.”

“H&M will ask them to work
on the frontline during a pandemic but doesn’t think they
are worth a living wage – that’s an employer telling their
staff that their wellbeing is of no value whatsoever and
they are disposable as the products they sell.”

is the first group of retail workers to go on strike while
negotiating a new agreement this year, and it’s a chance
to show H&M and others like them that staff in New
Zealand will not accept the bare minimum to work hard for an
absurdly rich global company that doesn’t seem to care
about them at all.”

“H&M aren’t even meeting their
own commitments under ILO Conventions
by refusing to pay
a living wage to retail staff, and New Zealand has to hold
them to their word as other governments
around the world are

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